Next Generation Software is Essential

Many small to mid-size financial firms use software that is 25 to 40 years old.

Block Time provides the latest in financial software technology.

We specialize in working with financial firms that do not have large IT departments.

Block Time Financial software helps you:

  • Eliminate pain points in your organization
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Streamline and automate your processes
  • Facilitate new product offerings
  • Reduce risk and improve compliance

Block Time software tools are:

  • Faster than legacy technologies
  • Scalable to meet your growing needs
  • Adaptable to changing demands of the marketplace
  • Cost effective
  • Available for white label deployment

Platform Features:

The Virtual StrongBox platform starts with a massive secure digital vault that helps you collect, protect, and exchange sensitive information with the digital consumer. From there our secure customer engagement components and application programming interfaces empower you to work easily and securely with digital consumers

Stellar Statements

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a statement of all your Stellar transactions each month, just like a bank statement? Your accountant will be your friend again! BTF produces a bank-like statement each month for your Stellar public key as a nice PDF file. The statement can be interactive, with links to your transactions on the Stellar network.

Stellar Account Monitoring

Our Stellar Monitor provides a simple email message whenever a payment, trade, or claimable balance is made to your Stellar public key. The free version allows you to have up to 3 transactions emailed to you. An authorization email is sent and as soon as you acknowledge, you’ll get the next 3 payments, trades, or claimable balance notifications in your email! The service provides you with security and receipts for all your payments, trades, and claimable balances easily searched in your email and archived per your email provider.

Stellar QuickBooks® Export

Our Stellar QuickBooks export solution allows a user to export their Stellar payments and trades in a comma-separated value, (CSV), file format compatible with Intuit’s QuickBooks®.  This allows active Stellar users the ability to quickly import Stellar transactions into their accounting system.  All assets are divided into their respective files, and a user can pick and choose which assets to import into QB.  If you have the multi-currency option enabled for QB, this provides a great way to account for all your Stellar asset transactions!

Compliance and Audit

This service allows the Financial Institution to query all the US Government lists for a person or organization to comply with regulations.  The lists checked include US Treasury Dept’s OFAC and DPL among others. Our ledgers give your firm real time compliance trails, when and how you want them displayed.

Guaranteed Authenticity

A financial institution can guarantee the authenticity of a digital file by uploading a scanned “wet signature” document.  A digital fingerprint is created and placed on the blockchain.  The financial institution can then offer to “prove” that a document existed in a state at a certain time.  The document can then be stored off-chain securely in a Virtual StrongBox if needed, providing digital custody.

Digital Payment Rail

Block Time Financial provides a user-friendly service to access the core operations of the Stellar Network and a managed instance of a Stellar Anchor Service.  This service provides a financial institution with all it needs for digital currencies, allowing customers to hold and exchange digital currency for fiat.

Multisignature Accounts

A special corporate account for the Stellar Network.  This multiple signature account can have multiple signatories and a varying number of signatures needed to approve a transaction.  A group of the financial institution customers may create a new account and have custom signature weights for the accounts transactions.  For example, an account is created with five people each having a 20% signing weight.  Thresholds are set for operations on the account.  If a 51% threshold is set for making a payment, at least three of the account holders must sign the payment transaction.

Digital Asset Issuance

This treasury management service allows the creation of a digital token/credit in lieu of the actual physical item.  Supporting documents are stored at the bank and can be digitally stored inside the Virtual Strong Box Digital Vault and a security token is placed on the public/private Stellar network ensuring the authenticity of the digital token via our Guaranteed Authenticity service.  The issuer has control over who can own the asset.

Digital Payments

The Stellar Network is all about moving money, or digital assets!  After creating a Stellar account, and converting a fiat currency into a digital asset known as a stablecoin, a user can send payments around the world in seconds for a fraction of a penny!  All of this is subject to KYC/AML checks, and of course US regulations.  Not all the regulation in the US is in place yet, but the Stellar Network is safely and securely moving money in Europe and other countries!

Sandbox and APIs

All of Block Time Financial’s products, services, and API’s are available now in a developer sandbox.  You can see everything in action, dream up your next great application.  Call us for access!!

User Link

With our User Link, all of our blockchain solutions are available by just providing a unique ID for each of your clients.  This allows you to use our platform in parallel with your existing infrastructure.  You provide all the KYC/AML/BSA already, we provide the blockchain access!!

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