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Block Time Financial software harnesses and deploys Blockchain Technologies to give your firm the competitive edge as disruption occurs in the financial markets.

At Block Time Financial, we Private Label our digital software for you to use with our API’s to take new market share, and offer new products to your client base.


Tokenization of Real World Assets
Moving traditional financial products to digital
Trading on Stellar DEX
Digital Payments
Smart Contracts and Bridging
Stable Coin Software via USDC
Digital Asset Issuance – Tokens & NFTs
Liquidity via AMM’s/Liquidity Pools
Money Movement Alerts
Regulatory Compliant Audits and Reports
Client Dashboard
Fully Customizable UX

Smart Contracts

Trust Block Time Financial to deploy new technologies that make contracts more secure, efficient, and accurate. Smart contracts run on the blockchain and support trust in the digital world. They can be set up quickly and easily with your legal team, and all actions within these agreements are automated, making them considerably more efficient than traditional contracts.  

Once a smart contract is agreed to, it may not be altered, providing additional trust and security. Plus, these contracts remove the need for third parties, speeding up processes and eliminating fraud and user error. In short, smart contracts save time and money. 

Learn more about smart contracts and how Block Time Financial can help your firm access this remarkable next-generation technology.

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Everything that happens on Wall Street today will happen on the Blockchain in the future

The following potential use cases can be applied to investment banking and fund management companies today.

Tokenization of Asset or Funds

Blockchain Technology increases efficiencies by digitizing and encrypting high value assets.

Cash Transfers to "Digital Asset Transfers"

Speedy Stablecoins and Tokens transactions/transfers in under 5 seconds

Seamless Fractionalization of Assets

Reduces front and back end cost of traditional methods of investing by eliminating the multitude of middle and back office operations

Traditional Ownership Or Self Custody of your Asset

Complete autonomy and automation of your digital asset. Trade, sell, buy, and hold without an intermediary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trading on Stellar FAQ

Trading on Stellar FAQ

Token Issuance on Stellar FAQ

Token Issuance on Stellar FAQ

Compliance with Stellar FAQ

Compliance with Stellar FAQ

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