Block Time Financial

We harness and deploy Blockchain Technology to give your firm the competitive edge as disruption occurs in the market

Middle and Backoffice Software for the future of finance

How we do it.

Block Time Financial provides next generation software that makes your firm more competitive and reduces cost.

We partner with financial firms to give them the technology advantage used by the largest institutions in the world.

  • Digital Asset Issuance – Tokens & NFTs
  • Digital Payments
  • Smart Contracts and Bridging
  • Stable Coin Software via USDC
  • Trading on Stellar DEX
  • Liquidity via AMM’s/Liquidity Pools
  • Money Movement Alerts
  • Stellar Account Monitoring
  • Stellar Statements
  • Secure Off Chain Storage with Virtual StrongBox
  • Patriot Act AML/BSA Compliance Trials
  • Digital Escrow Accounts
  • Promissory Notes
  • Guaranteed Authenticity
  • Multisignature Accounts for Payments
  • Stellar QuickBooks® Export
  • Stellar Anchor – Digital Payment Rail
  • Coinbase and Circle Integration
  • Sandbox and APIs

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