BTF is ready for USDC launch on Stellar!

Block Time Financial has successfully completed its testing of the USDC on the Stellar TestNet.  You can see our USDC in the TestNet account below.


We're ready to go live next Tues with real USDC transactions on day one.  We've set up a corporate account at, which holds our real USDC and we'll be able to transfer that to our own Stellar account when the token goes live.  The transaction cost savings will be substantial, the two Ethereum transactions to move USDC to Circle each cost over $4 USD, on Stellar that would have been about $0.0006!  We'll be doing a technical blog post on how we set up our USDC on Stellar TestNet and a few tips to make things easier.  Watch the money move...

Full disclosure:  BTF maintains an inventory of XLM, the native token on the Stellar network to provide ourselves and our clients the ability to transact.  The content of this blog post and this website are for informational purposes only.  We do not provide investment, legal, legal, tax, financial, or other advice.  Investing in digital currencies involves the risk of loss, a loss of principal is possible. See our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details.